A Savage Proposal

Okay, I admit: I didn't read the ENTIRE passage. I skimmed through A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift. I already knew what it was about, so I figured reading it would be... kinda pointless. In a nutshell, in this passage Jonathan Swift thinks we should eat Irish babies to keep them from becoming burdens and thieves, and to make them essential to the public... He argued that Irish people could sell babies on the meat market and he even became a chef for a quick second in the passage and described ways to cook the babies. This is a perfect example of satire. He says everything in such a calm tone, it almost makes you consider what he says in the passage; he also makes it seem as if he thought about it over a long period time. Swift seems to know what he's talking about, which is beyond strange. He uses shock value to get the audience's attention, and he shines a light of Ireland's economic issues and what people have to do to get by. He calculates the number of babies Irish people would be able to eat, keeping in mind women's ages and ability to give birth, the number of miscarriages in a year, and how many women can actually support their families. He talks about this in a way that's so messed up and disturbing... it makes you want to keep reading the passage. Swift gives logical reasons as to why he thinks eating babies is the way to go. Even though the most people would recognize it as satire in a second, I think his calm tone helps with the whole satire effect. When people get past the shock value of the passage, the message is very simple: Ireland needs to GET IT TOGETHER.

Sooooonnnnnggggg: Crazy=Genius by Panic! At The Disco


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