Are We REALLY Entitled to Our Opinions?

I almost want to get into an argument with someone right now. Why? Just so I can hear him/her say, "Well, I'm entitled to my own opinion" when we disagree on something. I recently had an epiphany, a revelation! We aren't, in fact, entitled to our own opinion.
         On Saturday (I read The Right to Your Opinion, an excerpt from Crimes Against Logic by Jamie Whyte, on Sunday), if you had told me that I wasn't entitled to my opinion, I probably would've cussed you out in Spanish and English. Now, I just accept the fact that my opinion isn't as important as I may think it is.
          Jamie Whyte did a freaking awesome job at explaining everything and he actually made some good points. I admit; I did disagree a bit when I first read The Right to Your Opinion, but I reread it a few times and accepted the fact that I don't have the right to my opinion. One thing he states is that rights entail duties. Having an opinion doesn't mean that I have to agree with you, or even LISTEN to you. Stating your "right" to your opinion in an argument literally does nothing in figuring out who's right, either. People take the word 'entitlement' and twist it; Whyte states that entitlement's epistemic notation is wrong, which I now agree with completely. Overall, I was surprised when I finished reading this because I actually LEARNED something (I rarely say that about any article, excerpt, etc.).

Side note: I quite like the fact that Dr. Preston includes a song in almost every blog post. I think I'll do that too. Today's teenagers may call me a 'biter', but I DON'T HAVE TO LISTEN TO THEIR OPINIONS; they don't have the right to them. Boom; I told you I learned something.

Sooooonnnnnggggg: Stressed Out by Twenty One Pilots


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