Satire Project Progress

1. I think I'll have the most success writing a document like what Swift did with "A Modest Proposal". Personally, I feel like if I'm inspired enough, I'll be able to write a sick satire. Prezis and PowerPoints have never been my thing; I'm more of a poster board kind of gal, but since that's not an option, I'll go with writing. I've always enjoyed having the freedom to write about practically whatever I want, and this is an opportunity to do so. Since I'm more comfortable with writing, I'll be able to express myself better and I'll be able to get my point across a lot easier. If I'm focused enough and I get in a working mood, I know be able to write a dope satire that'll hopefully be funny and impactful.

2. Whenever I write, I try to write the way I talk, if that makes any sense. I don't use complex vocabulary when I talk to other people, and I hate doing that when I write; I want my writing to reflect what I ACTUALLY think and I want it to be a reflection of how I really express myself. With that being said, I want to use a funny tone when I write the satire because I feel like that'll be the easiest and most natural thing to do. I don't quite know what words I'll use... maybe I'll write for sophisticated fifth-graders?

3. When my good amiga Cayla and I were discussing topics on Friday, one topic that came up was immigration. I already have a few ideas on what I want to write if I choose immigration. Another topic that got my gears turning was the current school system, and I think that I'll be able to write a good satire on that as well if I choose it. Right now, I am leaning more towards immigration, since I have a bunch of ideas already for that topic.


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