Bad Words and Sh*t

We've all been in a situation where something bad happens and we can't help but let out a little 'bad' word. And more often than not, we get scolded for using this so-called 'bad' word. But what makes certain words bad, or certain words worse than others? I honestly don't know. Language is a form of expression. The words we choose are a reflection of us and how we feel; if we feel a certain way, why do we have to watch what we say? Why can't we be free to express ourselves using the words we want? One thing I recall from class is this; whoever controls the language you speak or the words you use controls you. We kind of live in a society where certain words are frowned upon, and I don't understand why. When did words start becoming 'bad'? There is no such thing as bad words; only bad people and bad intentions. I like to think I'm not a bad person, and I know I don't have bad intentions... so why is it that whenever I decide to use 'bad' words to express how I feel and to share my ideas, people are so quick to tell me to 'watch my mouth'? I believe that the use of 'bad' words creates a sense of trust in people and it makes everything a lot easier to understand in a conversation; 'bad' words are something we all use and we all sort of know what words are considered 'bad'. I feel like in a more professional setting (say, during a lecture or something), it grabs the audience's attention. The idea of good/bad words is something really weird to me, but I think it does increase the level of understanding between two people and our society in general; we all sort of... accept the fact that some words are offensive to other people (the bad words), and instead of using potentially offensive words, we can/should use other words (the good words). Instead of using 'bad' words, we can use euphemisms, which can be pretty funny at times (not gonna lie). My only issue with euphemisms is that they sugar coat reality; that's something I learned from George Carlin today in class. Why try to make something seem nicer or less serious than what it really is?  As for the appropriate use of euphemisms, I think that euphemisms can be used in place of any 'bad' word or phrase in a conversation, but c'mon people; we all know that we use 'bad' words on a daily basis, so why hide it? The whole idea of euphemisms seems phony to me; what's the point of covering up reality? We should feel free to speak more honestly and more straightforwardly, instead of trying change the name of something to make it seem a little nicer, or not speaking our minds at all to avoid accidentally letting 'bad' words slip.

Sooooonnnnnggggg: Built This Pool by Blink-182 (This sorta relates to the post? I mean... Mark Hoppus doesn't use euphemisms to cover up what he wants and instead says it like it is (I guess?)...  But for real, I just need a song to put at the end of this post and this is the song that came up on my playlist :p)


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