Commentary on the Clinton vs. Trump Circus/Theater/Debate (Mistakes for President)

Alright, I'm actually about to watch this...

Lemme get this straight; I know absolutely NOTHING about politics, and this is the first real debate I've watched, so this will be interesting. The debate will officially start in about a minute, and I will update this every fifteen minutes (every segment)...

First segment: America's Prosperity
 Random thought: I wonder how tall Hillary is? So this segment is on jobs and the economy. Hillary believes in making life a little easier for people of the lower classes and struggling families, which is cool. She wants to raise the minimum wage. Donald Trump said that other countries are using America as a "piggy back" to rebuild their countries and all of our jobs are going to other countries and immigrants. I don't understand how Trump will reduce taxes by 50%... it seems like a lot. Hillary is already attacking Trump, and we're still on the first question. Hillary wants to invest in education and the middle classes and she believes that that is best for the economy. I don't know why Donald Trump is talking about his personal business and talking about China and Mexico... when the initial question was about AMERICA'S economy. He also didn't answer the question that was just asked (how do we bring jobs back?); he kinda just rambled. The Great Recession was brought up, which is something I didn't know about until now, really. I like how Hillary mentioned that to supply evidence as to why her plan is better than Donald's, but now they're talking about clean energy. Why??? (OMG they sound like little kids talking over each other). Now both of them are attacking each other and their "debate" is already off topic. HILLARY JUST PROMOTED HER BOOK; WOW. I put 'debate' in quotation marks because this isn't even a debate; I feel like this is just two people yelling at each other on TV. Now, to end the segment, they promoted both of their websites. Beautiful.... okay, I guess this segment isn't over? Why is Donald Trump talking about ISIS?! I feel like, for this whole segment, I've been lost and confused and Lester (I think that's his name?) got me on track when he stated IN THE MOST SIMPLE WAY EVER that Hillary's plan is to raise taxes on the wealthy, while Donald's plan is to cut taxes on the wealthy. And the attacks continue... shots fired. Pew pew... HEY DONALD TRUMP SAID WE'RE IN A BUBBLE, WHICH REMINDED ME OF MY SATIRE! :D... This is already annoying me and this is just the first segment. They're talking about Hillary's email and Donald's tax returns... and the attacks continue... Donald Trump said we've become a third world country... yeah, there is no way in hell this is going to get back on topic, so I'll update during the next official segment.

Second segment: America's Direction
YES, RACE. I WANT TO HEAR THIS. I like what Hillary is saying on the whole police brutality issue and she addressed gang violence too, which was nice. Donald Trump believes we need law and order to solve these problems, but he's always talking about his endorsements and investments... but a beautiful thing is that he is agreeing with some of the points Hillary said. I also learned about the stop-and-frisk system/program, but I do agree with Lester that it causes racial profiling, which is a problem we are trying to solve in America. Hillary said stop-and-frisk was unconstitutional and that it didn't help, which I agree with. There more I watch this, the more hope I have for this debate; Donald and Hillary are agreeing! Just as I typed that Donald insulted Hillary... *facepalm*... yep, there are the attacks. Oh Lester... what does Obama's birth certificate have to do with the presidential campaign? Uuugggghhhhhhhhh...

Third segment: Securing America
I am a little lost on this topic, simply because I don't know much about this. I've never heard about it. But Hillary is talking about securing information and stuff from states and foreign countries. Trump is now talking ONCE again about his endorsements and hasn't really addressed the topic of other people stealing confidential information. Now we're on the topic of preventing terrorism attacks from American citizens, but Trump is talking about oil, and I don't know how that relates to anything? This is starting to relate to the second segment because Hillary is talking about how Donald has been biased against Muslims. This seems to be common in this debate; Hillary and Donald are constantly sidetracking... oh, and they keep attacking each other. Right now, they're just attacking each other's campaigns. Lovely. (Random thought) One thing Donald has to understand is that America isn't a business; it's a COUNTRY. Not everything that happens in America is related to other countries or trade deals or blah blah blah. And they've literally been attacking each other for five minutes now...

Last segment: Accepting the Election's Outcomes?
As you can see, my enthusiasm towards this debate/circus/theater has been decreasing little by little. I feel my eyes shutting. It's nice to see Hillary and Donald will accept the outcomes of the debates.

I'm brain dead, y'all.

Sooooonnnnnggggg: Morning in America by Jon Bellion


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