I'm Having The Time of My Life! (Not Really)

I wish I was having the time of my life right now, but I'm not... I'm in a state of disbelief and panic. I left my homework and stuff in the band room (including some things I need for the press conference tomorrow). I don't even know if my things are in the band room. I just hope they are. I'm kind of just trying to distract myself with other things. I have other homework, but it's a little bit hard to do at the moment. Some people may say, "Wow, you left your things in the band room. Big deal." To me, it's a big deal; my group's grade will drop significantly if I don't have the things I need for tomorrow's APUSH press conference. I currently don't know what to do; I'm trying to see if there's anything I can do about my whole situation and I have other work I have to complete, but I don't feel well enough to finish it. I guess I'll have to suck it up and finish it anyway.

Sooooonnnnnggggg: Bad Day by Daniel Powter


  1. Omg, I understand you! I would be making a big deal of this too, I know how important it is. With having all of these AP classes, it's hard to "have the time of our life" in the middle of the week with all of the homework we get. You'll be fine though, just relax . . Good luck tomorrow!


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