I'm Reading Big Brother: My Notes and How I Took Them

Here are my notes on George Orwell's Politics and the English Language essay:

I apologize for the absolutely crappy quality of these pictures, but anyway, here are my notes. Most people would say that they're unorganized, but this is what helps me. I don't like having overly organized and neat notes because my mind doesn't really... work like that. I prefer writing notes all over the paper than have them all be in columns or something like that. I also need my notes to be colorful, which is why I used three colors on my notes right now. The black writing represents what I wrote down from reading the essay the first time. The blue writing represents any words I didn't know or understand while reading; I also looked up their definitions and wrote them in blue ink as well. The red writing represents what I wrote down the second time I read the essay, plus any personal opinions or ideas from class. As you can see, there was more red writing on the last two pages of notes; not gonna lie, I'm pretty dead right now and as I was skimming through the essay, I realized I miss some ideas. And as you can probably also see, there were MANY words I didn't know. Side note: I don't know why, but I prefer to write little notes and words in the margins and stuff; I feel like I pay more attention to notes in the margin sometimes. The things I write in the margins are either things I missed or things I know I'll forget, but will most likely need to remember.
     Typically, I wouldn't write my notes completely in pen (I did that now to make them easier to read in the pictures), but I still try to make my notes for other classes colorful. Anyone who has seen my notes for Mrs. Hennings knows this; I always highlight my notes and write notes in the margins with different colored pens. Now, these notes took me 2+ hours to write up; that's because I am a slow reader and it takes me a while to comprehend things, but that's also because I wanted to make these notes super clear for the pictures. If I didn't have much time, I'd write my notes with a pencil, highlight them, and write notes on the side with a pen during class discussions.


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