My Big Question Disciplines

Here's my big question from 138 centuries ago (well, technically, here's my Big Question post):

"My big question is this: how would the world be affected if we learned to think more critically? How would it be affected if people didn't worry about being wrong, and instead took risks?"

Honestly, I feel like this question isn't all that important to me. But it's fine; even though it's not too important to me, I still want to know the answer. Now, I think that this is just something that should be discussed in class because there's really no way science or math can answer this. Maybe hearing the different opinions of my classmates will help me get closer to an answer. To answer this, I think that it would be useful to know certain events in history that could've been resolved with critical thinking, but weren't; it would be useful to know this because it'll make it easy to compare what could've happened and what actually happened. This post is short, but I think it's straightforward enough; science and math won't help with my big question, but I think looking at history and listening to other people's input will bring me closer to finding an answer (or perhaps, a series of answers).

Sooooonnnnnggggg: Blood by My Chemical Romance (here's another song about my trip to the dentist)


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