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Y'all already know I had to include a picture of the real OG in this post ^^^

     So, class discussions were super interesting today. We didn't really discuss my question much, but we discussed everyone else's questions, which was honestly more interesting. We talked about the things we needed to answer my question, and my group came up with things I didn't even think I'd need. We talked about why people don't think critically in the first place and came to the conclusion that to answer that, we'd need knowledge on the following subjects: human behavior, psychology, early childhood learning, and religion. We'd also need knowledge on people's influences and personal experiences, to see what causes people to think the way they do. You may ask yourself why we'd need to know stuff on these topics; I asked myself that too in class. You see, when answering a deep question, I think it's important to ask yourself a bunch of small and not so deep questions and piece your answers together to get the answer to your deep question. In this case, I'm starting off with this question: why don't people think more critically? By understanding why people don't think critically in the first place, we'll be able to see why people have acted the way they have in the past and why they've made the decisions they've made as well. We'd also need to look at history, to see how critical thinking would've affected the outcomes of conflicts, significant events, etc. 
     Now, my ideal mentor isn't someone who knows about these topics, but rather someone who is willing to embark on this journey with me. It's no fun getting the answers from someone else who may already have his/her own answer to my question; I want my Yoda to be someone who is willing to learn along with me and help me see things from a different perspective. When answering any deep question, I feel that it's important to get other people's opinions, because everyone sees the world differently. So, I guess I don't really want a mentor... I more or less want someone to be my cheerleader while I'm finding answers and putting together pieces of this puzzle. I want my ideal mentor to motivate me with Starbucks and feed me with chips. 
     My Yoda also must be able to handle a lightsaber. No ifs, and's, or buts about it.

Sooooonnnnnggggg: Dammit by Blink-182 (I had to include a Blink-182 song today, sorry! :p)


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