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I like traveling. By traveling, I mean driving around town and looking at houses and buildings I had no clue existed. I also like driving out of town. Whenever I drive anywhere unfamiliar, I always wonder what type of music the people there listen to. Right now, I finished reading a section in my APUSH textbook and I asked myself, "What did the homies back then listen to? Would they have listened to the type of music I listen to?" Other times, I think to myself, "In this neighbourhood/town, there has to be someone who is listening to the same song I'm listening to at this very moment in time." I tend to get these thoughts when I'm driving to the beach (no clue why). Whenever I drive past the beach houses, I always wonder if the people living in those beach houses like Drake. I seriously ALWAYS ask myself that and I don't know why. I also always wonder what the names of teachers are in other schools. Sometimes, I'll be in class like, "Hmmm... I wonder what the AP English teacher from Righetti's name is? Is he/she cool?" Or other times, I'll begin to think about how grateful I am that I exist during the same time Twenty One Pilots and The Weeknd exist. I'm a strange creature.

RANDOM SIDE NOTE: Okay, so right now, I found this website that lets you see all the Apple emojis, which I thought was really cute :)))))

Sooooonnnnnggggg: Holiday (Interlude) by Paramore 


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