Big Question Epiphany! (My New Big Question and Yoda 2.0)

I realized during class that I don't want to pursue my original big question. I want to pursue something that's affected me personally and I want it to be something I feel strongly about. I don't mind doing these assignments again (the Big Question post and the Yoda post) because I know that I feel more enthusiastic about my Big Question 2.0, even though to some people it may seem like this question isn't as deep as my Big Question 1.0.

My new big question is this: why is studying performing arts in college and/or university discouraged by many adults? Why do adults try to convince students that studying performing arts won't benefit them in the future?

I picked this as my big question because I've been in this situation more than once with my parents. Sometimes, when I talk to other adults about me studying music, they kinda give me a confused look. My parents have told me before that by studying music, I'd be "throwing away the genius brain I have." I don't understand why that is. I want to know why adults look down on students who want to study performing arts, and what is so wrong about pursuing that dream.

As for my Yoda, I want to talk to a university student majoring in performing arts; I want to know if he/she went through the struggles that I go through with my parents. I think that talking to a performing arts major would also be helpful (would this person be considered my Luke Skywalker? My Princess Leia?). One thing that my parents always tell me is this: "Ay mija, you can't have a good career in music. You won't get paid well. Music is a hobby, not something that should be pursued as a career." I think that the performing arts major, which in my case would be a music major, would help me out here because he/she can tell me about his/her career. Basically, I want my mentor to be someone who is involved in performing arts and who can tell me about any struggles he/she had to endure with his/her parents or any other haters about pursuing a career in performing arts. I want to know how my Yoda overcame those struggles and how studying performing arts is affecting him/her.

As for my answers... I don't know what to expect. I want to hear that pursuing music will turn out fine in the end, but at the same time, I have a feeling that my answers might not be all that positive. And I'm okay with that. Time to write a letter to my Yoda...

May the force be with me.

Sooooonnnnnggggg(s): Star Wars: Main Title and The Emperor Strikes Back: Yoda's Theme, both conducted by John Williams


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