My Mentor Letter (Draft One)

Greetings, my Yoda...
     What's up? I hope everything is okay on the Death Star (I know nothing about Star Wars...). Anyway, I need your help. I have a burning question I need the answer to, and I think you'll be able to help me out a whole lot with answering it. My question is this; why is studying performing arts in college and/or university discouraged by many adults? Why do adults try to convince students that studying performing arts won't benefit them in the future?
     You might be asking yourself why I have that question and why I feel passionate about it, and the answer is simple. Every since I was a little girl, I knew I wanted to be involved in music. As I grew up and got involved in band, the dreams I'd have as a little girl slowly started becoming a reality; I learned how to play multiple instruments and this past year, I've received many emails from music schools across the country. I had plans of studying music at either a private university or Northridge. All my dreams were quickly shattered by my parents' four words: "You can't study music." They are convinced that music won't get me anywhere in life and that I'd be wasting my academic talent by studying something as "pointless" as music. I'm currently in the process of picking up the pieces of my broken dreams and trying to put them back together, but it's hard. When you get told that you can't do something by the people who are supposed to be your #1 supporters, it hurts really badly.
     I think you'll be an awesome mentor for many reasons. With your experience in the performing arts field, I think you'll be able to let me know a little bit about work opportunities and stuff like that since those are things that my parents and I are interested in. I think that hearing about your experiences in the field would help me as well. With that being said, here are some questions I have for you, my Yoda, that I think will help me get closer to my conclusion:

  • Did you have to deal with people who didn't believe in you pursuing your dreams? How did you deal with that?
  • As a performing arts major, do you think that there are a wide variety of opportunities?
  • Why do you think some people think that studying performing arts is a waste of time?
  • What advice would you give someone who wants to pursue a career in performing arts?
     I hope you are willing to embark on this journey with me, Yoda. Thanks a bunch for your help; I'll make sure to keep in touch ;)

                                                               Lesley Skywalker

Sooooonnnnnggggg: Good Ass Intro by Chance The Rapper (this is another one of those songs that has nothing to do with the post at all; it's just one I like :p)



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