Teamwork Makes the Homecoming Skit Dream Work

WHAT'S UP JUNIORS?! (I was low key about to call you guys sophomores) The homecoming rally is only two weeks away... and we all know what that means; it'll soon be time to shake our asses in front of the student body. In other words, it'll soon be time to perform our skit for homecoming. While I don't know what ideas the main leaders have for this year's skit, I wanna give some advice; I sadly can't make it to some of the meetings, but I still would like to be a part of it somehow. Anyway, here are some pointers for coming up with a bad ass homecoming skit:

  1.  It's essential to understand that in something like this, we can't please everyone. Something I noted from previous years is that we'd constantly make last minute changes to make people happy. While I think it's important to take everyone's thoughts and ideas into consideration, it's also important to take a step back and realize that we have two weeks to plan this out. 
  2.  Speaking of making last minute changes, we have to have a set plan and we must stick with it. Last year especially, one of the things that really threw a lot of us off was the last minute choreography changes. If we have a set plan, it'll make it easier for those of us who can't attend rehearsals and meetings; we won't have to worry about anything being changed because everything will be set. 
  3. Choreography. When it comes to making choreography, it's much easier to find inspiration from other places (say, music videos, live performances, cheerleading halftimes, etc.) than to make everything from scratch. This also relates to the previous bit of advice; if we use choreography from a music video or something like that, it'll be EXTREMELY easy for the dancers because if we can't make it to rehearsal a certain day, we'll be able to use the internet to find the choreography and online dance tutorials. The internet is one of our biggest resources; why not take advantage of it? Similar to the plans, we have to have a set choreography; we shouldn't be making things up as we go with the amount of time we have.
  4. When it comes to the songs, we have to find someone willing to make a cool mix. Preferably, someone with experience. If someone is willing to make a mix the choreographers are willing to work with, the choreographers can then find a way to make the dance moves flow better. I recommend using songs that the audience is familiar with and songs that are currently popular. Remember the cheerleaders' halftime show during the PV vs. SM game? Remember how the audience was singing along to the songs they were dancing to? That's the kind of response we want from our audience.
  5. One thing that worked really well with the seniors last year was having a story to go along with the skit. As a member of the audience, it was easy to follow along with what was going on and it just added a much more... structured feel to the skit. Nothing felt random and everything was there for a reason. I'm not saying we have to write a Harry Potter novel to go along with our skit, but a little bit of a story would be nice.
  6. When it comes to making costumes and props, we should have groups of people making those things. More specifically, people who won't perform. I say this because I personally don't think it's right to stress people out too much over the skit. Props don't necessarily have to be hand made either; I think it'll be cool if the people working on props donated something to include in the skit. I also like the idea of using party streamers and confetti. Last year, I think this was where we excelled the most.
  7. WE NEED NUMBERS. We need people who are actually willing to dance with us during the skit. I think we should ask cheerleaders specifically because they can DANCE. I understand why some people might not wanna do it, so if our numbers are low, we'll just have to work with what we have. 
  8. Let's take risks! So what if we get disqualified? What should matter is the response we get from our audience, not the judges. We want the juniors to feel proud to be juniors. We wanna get them pumped up! With that being said, I think there's nothing wrong with a little booty popping over here and a little more risk over there ;)
  9. DON'T STRESS OUT! The most important part of this is to have fun and I personally think we'll have no problem with that; we're juniors! We got this! :)

Sooooonnnnnggggg: The one and only...


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