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I just finished taking the benchmark test, a district request, and I completely bombed it. I got half of the questions wrong, which makes no sense to me???? How? I'm praying that I didn't fuck up the student responses though, which will be graded by some other dude. I'm wondering if this will impact my grade in any way; hopefully it doesn't.

Anyway, this is just a random post. How are you? cx

UGH! My 4K Promise (I Can Read... I Think Pt. 2)

Welp. Here it is. I am sick once again, so excuse my voice. I don't know if y'all can tell, but I slouch more and more as the video goes on XD

Let's have a moment of silence for the dope ass filter I put on my video when I was editing it. I hope I saved the changes when I was editing cx

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving yesterday! I'm thankful for my friends, for my family, and for being given the opportunity to make a blog that people can enjoy  <3

My Mad Dream of an Essay

Remember that time you ate that spicy [cornucopia] just before you went to bed on the night before the big [Bernie Sanders rally]?  Oh, that weird dream you had about the 2016 presidential election.  When you woke up you couldn't quite remember the [fuzzy] details, but after reading "On Self-Reliance" and "A Sound of Thunder" it's all coming back to you now.

The dream started badly.  You were in line with your family at a [shopping mall] waiting to be sent to [the doctor].  Everywhere you looked there were posters of president-elect [Billus McMoike], looking like a crazy [sloth] who could eat a whole [palm tree].

Suddenly, there was Ralph Waldo Emerson telling you, "[That divided and rebel mind, that distrust of a sentiment because our arithmetic has computed the strength and means opposed to our purpose, these have not]."  You realized that you have something to contribute to the world so you decided to [rant].  But it wasn't easy.  First yo…

Baking is a Piece of (Rainbow) Cake...

A few days ago, my sister Fatima and I were talking about Thanksgiving and we decided we wanted to make something for our family to enjoy. We began thinking about things to cook, and we decided that cooking was too hard, so we began thinking about desserts. Almost instantly, we decided we were going to bake a rainbow cake.

Me: "C'mon, baking a rainbow cake can't be THAT hard, right? You just... ya know... put the batter in the thingy and put the thingy in the oven and boom: rainbow cake." Fatima: "Yeah, we got this! This won't be hard at all!"
We looked up the recipe online and gathered all the necessary ingredients. At this point, we were freaking excited because we thought we were about to bake the best rainbow cake ever.

Me: "... what." Fatima: "We have no idea what we're doing..." Me: "This is going on my blog, dude; don't fuck this up."
We got a container to make the batter in and added the ingredients in th…

Return of the Tweetle Beetles + My Productive Day

I see the number of views for this blog increasing every day, which makes me wanna run in slo-mo to We Are The Champions by Queen. I decided that if I hit 4k, I'll attempt to read Fox in Socks by Dr. Suess again. My goal is to do better than Dr. Preston's freaking adorable daughter. I got this! (I think....) If you guys wanna see my horrible first attempt, you can go waaayyyy wayyyyyyyyy back through all my posts. It should be one of the first posts ("I CAN READ!... I Think"). Fetus Lesley had no clue what the fuck she was reading in that video XD

Today was a pretty productive day. I finished making two birthday presents for two very special people, which I will post pictures of on their birthdays. I also got around to posting again and I cleaned my room (for once!.... well... by cleaned, I meant that I kinda just threw everything in my closet and under my bed...). I worked on my physics homework (kinda) and gave up after missing a problem three times :))))) And I re…

🐾 Designing for the Dark Side: Ideas for a Pioneer Valley Classroom 🐾

Remember how at the beginning of the year, DP referred to our room as a shoebox? Basically, in this post, I'm going to be designing a PV shoebox :p

As most of you already know, a while back, I posted my ideas on how to decorate our classroom and really make it our own. A teacher from PV (if you're reading this, hello! How are you? :p) saw that post and asked if I would help design his classroom and the creative person in me began bouncing off the walls. After a lot of investigating, I came up with a few simple ideas. All of my ideas are based off of very little knowledge, therefore these ideas are pretty simple. For my SM classmates, if you like any of the ideas presented in the post, let me know and maybe we can incorporate them into our classroom design, which I will address at the end of the post. 
One thing I noticed as I was looking through Mr. Grimm's (the PV teacher's) blog is that he teaches a lot of subjects: Job Prep, Health, and English. This made coming up …

Foreshadowing... 😉

I've spent a lot of time thinking about what I wanna post on my blog. I have a list of things that I not only wanna post during Thanksgiving break, but winter break as well. I'm low key getting super giddy thinking about all the things I wanna post. Here are some hints as to what I'll be posting in the near future...

(Yes, I meant to add two shoeboxes)

I hope this makes y'all curious. When I post the posts that relate to these hints, I'll explain how each hint relates to the post. If everything goes well, I'll post a few times this week. I have something pretty big planned for winter break (I actually really really really wanna say what it is, but I can't). This blog will be pretty fucking lit :p
Sooooonnnnnggggg: Chunky by Bruno Mars. This song is too catchy and I've listened to it at least 376,276,420,494 times today :))))))))))))))

For You Non-Believers

DP Told Us to Write, So Here's Some Writing

The course blog said to write a vignette in time. According to Wikipedia, a vignette is "a short impressionistic scene that focuses on one moment or character and gives a trenchant impression about that character, an idea, setting, and/or object. It's a short, descriptive passage that's more about evoking meaning through imagery than it is about the plot." So, what I got from this is that it's basically a short story that more or less just describes something rather than focuses on rising action and climaxes and stuff. Challenge accepted.

I often find myself thinking back to the time when I first held an instrument. I remember being in the school library, where band was held, sitting alongside fifteen or so 8-year-olds like me. My hands trembled so violently when I held my clarinet that I damn near almost dropped it. I was somehow able to pull myself together and I managed to play a rather ugly note on my mouthpiece. I got home that day and furiously wrestled wit…

What Am I Planning? 👀

I'm sure all of you, or at least most of you, saw DP's post on the course blog. And yes, dudes and dudettes, I am planning something for the room.

Here's what I kinda have in mind. I'll try to explain this as best as I can. I'll number the walls, so y'all know what I'm talking about as I type. Wall #1 is the wall with the whiteboard, Wall #2 is the wall at the back with the window, Wall #3 is the wall across from Wall #1, and Wall #4 is the wall next to DP's desk. Got it? Cool; let's go!

Before I get into specific details on each of the walls, here's my thought process. On Tuesday, I went in at lunch and observed the SHIT out of the walls. I took into consideration the amount of space available on each of the walls. Basically, what I personally wanna see in the room is color. Color everywhere. I want the walls to be like four murals. I also want to incorporate the other classes too, since... ya know... it's not just an AP English class; we h…

An Earth-Shattering Fart (and Spotify Playlist)

I think An Earth-Shattering Fart should be the name of my blog :)

I think that A Sound of Thunder is really interesting. I'm a big science nerd, so reading this was dope. I don't read things that take place in the future very often. I like the central theme of the story: every action causes a chain reaction. We can see how Eckels' actions when he traveled in the past affected him and the people around him when he traveled back to the present. I wonder if anything like what happened in A Sound of Thunder will actually occur in the future; I don't think I'd risk going into a time machine if the option was available, though. I wouldn't wanna risk fucking up the future cx More importantly, I wonder how this connects to class, whether it be to something we already talked about or something we have yet to talk about.

Yo AP fam, a while back, I suggested we make Spotify playlists instead of burn CDs for class. Here's my playlist: DP AP Playlist. The playlist consi…

Emerson's Child

It's been a few days since the presidential election and I think it's safe to say that many of us aren't very happy with the turnout. Some people say that Hillary didn't win because of the lack of enthusiasm from the democratic party and the lack of democrats that went out and voted. Things are a little... weird now, for lack of a better word, because Hillary had the most votes overall, yet Donald had the most electoral votes. And a little birdy posted something online that caught my attention, which said that there is still a chance Hillary could become president. I know nothing about politics, so that's that. Now, we've spent seemingly ages talking about Emerson and "Self-Reliance". So what would Emerson think about the presidential election?
     Let's start with the youth of our nation and how this circus of an election has affected them. My little sister, Sofia, is 6 years old. And at that age, many of her classmates know the kind of monster …

Emerson Presentation Notes

November 7: Today's presentations were really interesting. A trend I saw today was that many people chose to make posters, which is interesting because it's something many people don't like making. Here's a picture of some little bullet points from class:

I currently hate the fact that my notes are sideways, but I guess that'll have to do. Instead of posting something every single day relating to the presentations, I'll just keep updating this post as the presentations continue.

November 8: The use of symbols was common today. It was interesting to sit through all of the presentations :)

November 9th and 10th: I forgot to update this post the days of the presentations but I am starting to see more of a variety with the presentations. People are doing things other than posters, which is cool :)

Twenty One Pilots and Emerson

Greetings, earthlings! I promised today that I would post something on my blog about my presentation. I understand that I talked a wee bit too fast, so I'm sorry about that. Here's a picture of the project:

It's tiny, I know :( I wanted to connect something I wasn't too enthusiastic about ("Self-Reliance") with something I absolutely loved. I connected Emerson's thoughts with Twenty One Pilots lyrics. 
First things first: the drawing itself. I combined ideas from two Twenty One Pilots albums. The top half relates to their most recent album, Blurryface, and the bottom half relates to their label debut album, Vessel. Everything I drew on the top half was inspired by the album art for Blurryface:

The bottom half was a little bit trickier because the album art for Vessel is quite simple. I got inspiration from Vessel's album art as well as the album art for their self-released albums, Twenty One Pilots and Regional at Best:

There isn't really much to …

My Emerson

So... we have a project due tomorrow and I honestly just finished it. I would've started it yesterday if I didn't come home as late as I did. My project is fairly simple. On Friday, I thought to myself, "Hmm... how can I connect Self-Reliance to something I like? What can I connect it to?"

It clicked; I told myself I would connect Emerson to one of my favorite bands of all time, Twenty One Pilots. 
What I did was simple. I compiled a bunch of TOP lyrics and made a little fan art thingy. Each lyric connects to Self-Reliance. I haven't had much time to prepare exactly what I'm going to say during my presentation, but I think I'll be okay anyway; I'll just figure things out as I go like I do with pretty much everything.

I'll post something tomorrow about my project; I'll go a little more in-depth with each of the lyrics I picked and I'll explain the drawings and stuff :)))
Sooooonnnnnggggg: Trees by Twenty One Pilots (It's currently stuck…

Emerson for the Young Buck ("Self-Reliance" Explained with Pokemon)

Hey, kid. You're probably thinking, "Who is Emerson? What is 'Self-Reliance'? Pokemon?" Chill for a sec, fam. You'll understand all of this by the end of this post. First of all, Emerson was a dude who believed that people should be themselves. "Self-Reliance" is one of the essays he wrote when he was alive, about 175 years ago (I know; he's old), and it talks about believing in yourself. 
Imagine that you're a Pokemon trainer with, let's say, four Pokemon. Imagine that you're battling someone from the Elite Four, the 'bosses' at the end of every Pokemon game; we'll name one of them Society. Your Pokemon represent you. During a battle, Society confuses your Pokemon and that subsequently influences your Pokemon to attack itself. In a nutshell, that's what Emerson wants you to avoid. He wants you to not let Society confuse or influence your Pokemon (you) to do what you don't want to. He wants you to be able to think…

Emerson Said It!

Yesterday, we had a Socratic Seminar and we discussed the essay "Self-Reliance" by Ralph Waldo Emerson. I learned a lot about what other people got from the essay and how my colleagues were affected by "Self-Reliance". I also learned that I'm not the only one who thinks that Emerson is full of shit :)))))))))))))))
Many quotes from the essay came up in the discussion and although I wasn't moved by the whole essay, some of the quotes I read, or rather heard, were actually pretty cool. Here are five that got me feeling some type of way
1. "What I must do is all that concerns me." This is probably the one that spoke to me the most because it's something we should all be able to relate to or agree with. What we do is all that should matter to us. Why should we care about what other people are doing? Why worry about other people when we have ourselves to worry about? Nobody should care about what we do and how we choose to live our lives.... I mean…