An Earth-Shattering Fart (and Spotify Playlist)

I think An Earth-Shattering Fart should be the name of my blog :)

I think that A Sound of Thunder is really interesting. I'm a big science nerd, so reading this was dope. I don't read things that take place in the future very often. I like the central theme of the story: every action causes a chain reaction. We can see how Eckels' actions when he traveled in the past affected him and the people around him when he traveled back to the present. I wonder if anything like what happened in A Sound of Thunder will actually occur in the future; I don't think I'd risk going into a time machine if the option was available, though. I wouldn't wanna risk fucking up the future cx More importantly, I wonder how this connects to class, whether it be to something we already talked about or something we have yet to talk about.

Yo AP fam, a while back, I suggested we make Spotify playlists instead of burn CDs for class. Here's my playlist: DP AP Playlist. The playlist consists of mainly rock music. I made this the same day DP gave us the CDs. I will probably update it soon, but there's what I have now :)


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