Baking is a Piece of (Rainbow) Cake...

A few days ago, my sister Fatima and I were talking about Thanksgiving and we decided we wanted to make something for our family to enjoy. We began thinking about things to cook, and we decided that cooking was too hard, so we began thinking about desserts. Almost instantly, we decided we were going to bake a rainbow cake.

Me: "C'mon, baking a rainbow cake can't be THAT hard, right? You just... ya know... put the batter in the thingy and put the thingy in the oven and boom: rainbow cake."
Fatima: "Yeah, we got this! This won't be hard at all!"


We looked up the recipe online and gathered all the necessary ingredients. At this point, we were freaking excited because we thought we were about to bake the best rainbow cake ever.

Me: "... what."
Fatima: "We have no idea what we're doing..."
Me: "This is going on my blog, dude; don't fuck this up."

We got a container to make the batter in and added the ingredients in the container. My mom saw what we were doing and rushed to the kitchen to help us out; she knew SOMETHING was going to go wrong, even though we were just making the batter. She began mixing the batter (is that even the right verb?) and we stood there and watched with blank expressions on our faces. My other little sister, Sofia, came in the kitchen shortly after, and Fatima and I knew we were screwed because we knew Sofia wasn't going to let us do anything. 

(Sofia is the one with the glasses. Little brat. My mum is mixing the batter)

Me: *whispers* "Dude, I wanted us to do this by ourselves..... "
Fatima: *whispers* "We can't just kick Mom and Sofi out of the kitchen..."
Me: *whispers* "Dammit..."
Me & Fatima: "..."

Okay, whatever, we made the batter. We proceeded to put the batter in cups so we could add the food coloring. Thankfully, we didn't mess that up toooooo much. We didn't have enough pans to include all the colors of the rainbow, so we weren't able to make purple batter. We poured all the batter into the pans, without adding cooking spray. Our mom, who was just watching all of this go down, stopped us halfway and told up to add cooking spray to the pans so that the layers wouldn't stick to the pans. Fatima was getting frustrated at this point, because Sofia would not stop talking and was trying to eat the batter. Fatima explained to my mom that the pans were non-stick, but my mom insisted that we use cooking spray. Fine.

(Sofia made the green batter, btw)

Fatima: "Dude, you didn't add enough food coloring. The batter looks really light..."
Me: "Bro, I GOT this. Have you seen my mad baking skills? I know what I'm doing. Trust me."
Mom: "You've made brownies three times before, and you burned them all three times."

Fatima: "HA!"

ANYWAY, we put the pans in the oven.....

Me: "Yo, how long are the pans supposed to be in the oven for?
Fatima: "Um..... lemme check....."
Mom: "Leave them in there for twenty minutes."
Me: "Ten minutes it is!"

WRONG. Not only did I burn my hand while taking the pans out of the oven, the batter wasn't cooked properly. At this point, when we realized the batter need to be in the oven for longer, we had already taken out all the pans. 

Fatima and I decided to just work with what we got and we proceeded to stack the layers. Because the layers didn't cook all the way, they began falling apart and because of that, we were only able to stack three layers. Even then it looked horrible. 

Fatima: "Dude, we really messed up...."
Me: "It's fine. We'll just eat the layers separately since we can't stack them up..."
Fatima: "...meh. Alright."

Here is our finished product.

I ate the blue layer, which is why it's not on the plate. It tasted good though, despite it looking like a complete tragedy. Don't judge a book by its cover, kids! Would I make this again? Probably not XD 

Sooooonnnnnggggg: I Feel It Coming by The Weeknd and Daft Punk. Starboy is a REALLY GOOD ALBUM, Y'ALL. 


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