Emerson for the Young Buck ("Self-Reliance" Explained with Pokemon)

Hey, kid. You're probably thinking, "Who is Emerson? What is 'Self-Reliance'? Pokemon?" Chill for a sec, fam. You'll understand all of this by the end of this post. First of all, Emerson was a dude who believed that people should be themselves. "Self-Reliance" is one of the essays he wrote when he was alive, about 175 years ago (I know; he's old), and it talks about believing in yourself. 

Imagine that you're a Pokemon trainer with, let's say, four Pokemon. Imagine that you're battling someone from the Elite Four, the 'bosses' at the end of every Pokemon game; we'll name one of them Society. Your Pokemon represent you. During a battle, Society confuses your Pokemon and that subsequently influences your Pokemon to attack itself. In a nutshell, that's what Emerson wants you to avoid. He wants you to not let Society confuse or influence your Pokemon (you) to do what you don't want to. He wants you to be able to think for yourself and avoid Society's attacks and he wants your Pokemon to be able to think for themselves despite the confusion caused by Society. Emerson wants us to find the Persim Berry (self-trust) within ourselves to get rid of Society's influence on our Pokemon.

Hopefully, I didn't make it too hard to understand. Basically, believe in yourself. Society's opinion on what you should do is irrelevant. You do you. But first, do your homework.

Sooooonnnnnggggg: The Pokemon Theme Song (obviously)


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