Foreshadowing... πŸ˜‰

I've spent a lot of time thinking about what I wanna post on my blog. I have a list of things that I not only wanna post during Thanksgiving break, but winter break as well. I'm low key getting super giddy thinking about all the things I wanna post. Here are some hints as to what I'll be posting in the near future...

(Yes, I meant to add two shoeboxes)

I hope this makes y'all curious. When I post the posts that relate to these hints, I'll explain how each hint relates to the post. If everything goes well, I'll post a few times this week. I have something pretty big planned for winter break (I actually really really really wanna say what it is, but I can't). This blog will be pretty fucking lit :p

Sooooonnnnnggggg: Chunky by Bruno Mars. This song is too catchy and I've listened to it at least 376,276,420,494 times today :))))))))))))))


  1. Hey Leslerz, quick question, how did you make your blog like this? I mean how'd you design it to the pages being in tabs on the side? (: Thanks!

    1. Hello! :) I believe the blog template I used is called Dynamic Views :) I then just click the sidebar option when I'm using my blog :) The template is versatile, so you can view all your posts in many different ways :) I hope this helped! :)


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