Return of the Tweetle Beetles + My Productive Day

I see the number of views for this blog increasing every day, which makes me wanna run in slo-mo to We Are The Champions by Queen. I decided that if I hit 4k, I'll attempt to read Fox in Socks by Dr. Suess again. My goal is to do better than Dr. Preston's freaking adorable daughter. I got this! (I think....) If you guys wanna see my horrible first attempt, you can go waaayyyy wayyyyyyyyy back through all my posts. It should be one of the first posts ("I CAN READ!... I Think"). Fetus Lesley had no clue what the fuck she was reading in that video XD

Today was a pretty productive day. I finished making two birthday presents for two very special people, which I will post pictures of on their birthdays. I also got around to posting again and I cleaned my room (for once!.... well... by cleaned, I meant that I kinda just threw everything in my closet and under my bed...). I worked on my physics homework (kinda) and gave up after missing a problem three times :))))) And I read a bit of my literature analysis book (my literature analysis will go up when I get the time to post again, which will hopefully be soon). I'm getting everything prepared for my big massive project (I guess that's what you can call it?) that will go up on my blog during winter break. I feel like I've been hit by the motivation train, punched in the face by creativity, and kicked in the knee by good vibes. I think that's because I'm kinda... free now. I'm not obligated to do certain things every day like I am during a regular school week; during break, I can go at my own pace and work when I feel like it and there's no penalty.

Anyway, here are some videos to make y'all smile:

I'm pretty sure y'all know why I added those last two videos. (CHICKENS EVOLVED FROM DINOSAURS)

Sooooonnnnnggggg: Unbreakable Smile by Tori Kelly :)


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