Twenty One Pilots and Emerson

Greetings, earthlings! I promised today that I would post something on my blog about my presentation. I understand that I talked a wee bit too fast, so I'm sorry about that. Here's a picture of the project:

It's tiny, I know :( I wanted to connect something I wasn't too enthusiastic about ("Self-Reliance") with something I absolutely loved. I connected Emerson's thoughts with Twenty One Pilots lyrics. 

First things first: the drawing itself. I combined ideas from two Twenty One Pilots albums. The top half relates to their most recent album, Blurryface, and the bottom half relates to their label debut album, Vessel. Everything I drew on the top half was inspired by the album art for Blurryface:

The bottom half was a little bit trickier because the album art for Vessel is quite simple. I got inspiration from Vessel's album art as well as the album art for their self-released albums, Twenty One Pilots and Regional at Best:

There isn't really much to the drawing itself. I just got inspiration from everywhere :p

Choosing the right lyrics gave me an excuse to listen to all of Vessel and Blurryface, which was pretty dope to me. I listened to both albums and read the lyrics for all the songs on both albums. It took a pretty long time to find the right lyrics to put in the drawing. Here are the lyrics as well as how they connect to "Self-Reliance":

1. "They say 'Stay in your lane, boy', but we go where we want to..." ("Lane Boy", Blurryface) - This could be interpreted as society telling Tyler Joseph, the lead singer, to do what other artists are doing. Twenty One Pilot's music is hard to categorize, simply because it is so different from what other artists are doing; it's a melting pot of different genres. Their fan base, the Skeleton Clique, calls their music 'ukulele screamo', which is why I drew the ukulele at the bottom of the Vessel half of the drawing.

2. "I was told when I get older all my fears would shrink but now I'm insecure and I care what people think..." ("Stressed Out", Blurryface) - I told myself my drawing wouldn't be complete without a lyric from one of Twenty One Pilot's most popular songs, "Stressed Out". This lyric is pretty self-explanatory and it relates to what Emerson said about children being geniuses. When you're younger, you don't give a damn if other people judge you and Emerson sees that as beautiful. As you get older, it becomes harder to ignore other people's judgment, which leads to insecurities. Blurryface is actually based on a character Tyler Joseph created that represents his insecurities and depression. The antagonist, Blurryface, is referred to in all but one song on the album. For you curious people out there, the song that doesn't talk about Blurryface is "Tear In My Heart".

2.5 (this lyric is a short one). "It's the few, the proud, the emotional..." ("Fairly Local", Blurryface) - There are very few people who aren't afraid to express themselves and who don't really care. Emerson would like those few people. 

3 (this one is short too, dawg). "All my friends are heathens, take it slow..." ("Heathens", Suicide Squad: The Album) - All the people Tyler Joseph associates with are people who don't conform to society. Perhaps the heathens he's talking about are the few, the proud, and the emotional? 

(Yes, I use this picture a lot, and I will continue to use it)

4. "We don't believe what's on TV... and what we want, we know we can't believe; we have all learned to kill our dreams..." ("We Don't Believe What's On TV, Blurryface) - This song is actually one of my favorites from the album because of how random it seems. Even though many of us don't connect with what we see on social media, we accept it. We completely shut out our own opinions on things and do what society wants us to do. Emerson wouldn't want us to think this way. Fun fact about the song: in the middle of the song, if you listen closely, you'll hear Tyler Joseph, the lead singer, yell "JOSH DUN!", the name of his best friend who happens to be the other half of Twenty One Pilots. 

5. "You are surrounding all my surroundings, twisting the kaleidoscope behind both my eyes..." ("Holding On To You", Vessel) - We have now entered Vessel territory, ladies and gentlemen! One recurring theme in this album is religion. Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun are Christians. This lyric, according to many, is talking about how Tyler relies on his religion to give him hope. One thing that many people don't really know about him is that he is a really talented lyricist as well as composer. Many of his lyrics can be interpreted in many different ways that could completely change the meaning of the song, something that's pretty amazing to me. This lyric could be talking about how society changes his mindset. People's opinions are everywhere and those opinions change the way we see the world. Many of us strive to be the same as a certain group of people. Society twists the kaleidoscope behind our eyes and makes us see things one way, even if that goes against what we believe. 

6. "I do not know why I would go in front of you and hide my soul... we're broken" ("Screen", Vessel) -  Tyler is beginning to question why we try to act fake around other people if we all have our flaws and imperfections. Nowadays, we strive to be perfect in nearly every aspect, something Emerson would frown upon. We're imperfect and that's okay. What's not okay is trying to hide who you are in order to feel accepted. 

7. "I take my face off at the door because I don't know who they will take me for." ("Clear", Regional at Best) - This song didn't make the cut for Vessel; many of the songs that appeared on Regional at Best are on Vessel. This relates to the last lyric in that both talk about hiding who we truly are. We hide how we feel and pretend to be people we aren't because we're scared of being judged. Remember the Socratic Seminar from last week? Many people were scared to speak up. This is one thing Emerson wouldn't approve of. 

I guess.... the one thing I want people to take from this is that even though I don't fully agree with Emerson, I think it's important to believe in yourself and not care what others think because there is beauty in that. It's hard, but it's not impossible. Self-reliance led to the creation of ukulele screamo, and that my friends, is genius.

Sooooonnnnngggggsssss: Literally everything from Vessel and Blurryface 


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