What Am I Planning? 👀

I'm sure all of you, or at least most of you, saw DP's post on the course blog. And yes, dudes and dudettes, I am planning something for the room.

Here's what I kinda have in mind. I'll try to explain this as best as I can. I'll number the walls, so y'all know what I'm talking about as I type. Wall #1 is the wall with the whiteboard, Wall #2 is the wall at the back with the window, Wall #3 is the wall across from Wall #1, and Wall #4 is the wall next to DP's desk. Got it? Cool; let's go!

Before I get into specific details on each of the walls, here's my thought process. On Tuesday, I went in at lunch and observed the SHIT out of the walls. I took into consideration the amount of space available on each of the walls. Basically, what I personally wanna see in the room is color. Color everywhere. I want the walls to be like four murals. I also want to incorporate the other classes too, since... ya know... it's not just an AP English class; we have to take into consideration all the other classes DP has throughout the day. But yeah, enough blabber; here's what I have in mind.

Wall #1: This is the wall most of us face in class, so I want it to be the nicest one of the four. I overheard a conversation DP was having with my friend Joseph, which made me change my mind on how I wanted to decorate the wall. For this wall, I want to incorporate things we all like. This year, Dr. Preston is teaching athletes, musicians, magicians, artists... you name it. Why not take all those interests and make it into something beautiful? I had the idea of taking the quote 'A man is his own star' and putting that on the wall as well, along with a picture of the world and a galaxy (inspired by Paloma's Emerson project, which I wanna put on the door). I wanna put the world because not only do we have diverse interests, we also have diverse ethnicities and cultures (if you get what I'm saying). All of this would be painted (not DIRECTLY on the walls, but you know what I mean). As for some of the Emerson posters, I like seeing them by the whiteboard, but if you have any suggestions as to where we can put them, I'm all ears.

Wall #2: This is the wall with the least amount of space, unfortunately. Here's where the brick wall and graffiti idea comes into play; it's much easier to paint only a few bricks than it is to paint a whole wide wall of bricks, ya dig? I don't know if we can bring legit spray paint or something, but if so, we can each put our initials or something on the wall. I also remember DP showing us a picture of his room and there were CD cases on the wall; maybe we can do that too?

Wall #3: THIS WALL. I am probably most excited about this wall because it has the most space. What's something all of DP's students have in common? We all have blogs. I came across these pictures as I was trying to find inspiration:

I was thinking, "Hmm... why not find a way to incorporate all of our blogs on this wall?" I saw the first picture and got an idea. I was thinking that maybe we could paint DP sitting in front of a computer and (sort of) stemming out from the computer could be screenshots of our blogs. Think about it; the wall would be complete in no time because it's just a matter of printing the screenshots and putting them on the wall. I also think that it'd be cool if they maybe form a picture, kind of like the second picture, or if we arrange the screenshots depending on color so that when we paste them on the wall they form a rainbow. I'm mindful of the fact that it might be a waste of paper, so if y'all have any other ideas, like I said, I'm all ears. 

Wall #4: This is still an English class so I still think it's important to incorporate SOMETHING literature related on the walls. I came across a picture on Instagram the other day of a guy who had tattooed blank book covers on his forearm; I assume that as he read more and more books, he began "filling in" the book covers of the books he read. I think we can take the brick wall idea and do something like that. We can start off with just white bricks on the wall and as we finish a literature analysis, we can each draw the cover of the book we read and eventually, since all of DP's classes do literature analyses, the wall would soon be full of books. Here are some other pictures that inspired me and am willing to work with if y'all have any suggestions:

Despite all these ideas I have for the room, keep in mind this isn't just my room; it's OUR room. If we wanna make the classroom look super fucking dope, it'll have to be a team effort. We need to come to an agreement on what we want on the walls and work from there. I'm open to any suggestions :)

Sooooonnnnnggggg: Hey Everybody! by 5 Seconds of Summer (I listened to this while sketching ideas)


  1. I like the tree with words on the bottom. Each person could add a word of what they want to be,for example: successful, brave.

  2. Your vision sounds awesome! When it is done, will you come to our school, spend some time in our classroom, and help us design our workspace? We need design help, this is our current state of roomness. http://plantlove.postach.io/page/332

    1. Run it by DP if you are even slightly interested...

    2. Oh wow... I'd absolutely love to help design your classroom! :)


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