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Pennie and the Shattered Heart

Black and white. That was all Pennie Adams could see. She was a peculiar child. To her, the world was monotonous. Life was nothing more than a routine; she went to school and came home. Pennie walked by the same trees, took the same turns, and looked at the same cracked cement on the walk home. Nothing about her routine changed. She had a home on a hill, overlooking Slateport, her hometown. She had two brothers, Charlie and Mathew, and two loving parents. Her mom was a nurse and her father worked as a janitor. Pennie had everything any kid in her poor town of Slateport wanted... except happiness. But it wasn't always like this.....
     Pennie once saw every single color of the spectrum. She was a walking ball of joy and happiness. Her copper, curly hair was always conveniently out of place and tangled in so many knots, it resembled a bird's nest. She excelled in everything she did; the kids at her school envied her. You could always find Pennie on the playground, jumping…

An Appreciative Post

Telling people how much they mean to you is important. So here I am today, showing appreciation to my waffle.
I meet my dear friend Cayla approximately five years ago, but it feels like I've known her all my life. I remember hanging out in P.E., the one class I actually enjoyed besides band. I didn't have many friends back then. Yeah, I had a lot of acquaintances, but not many real friends. Thankfully, Little Miss Waffle came into my life and changed it completely. She adds color to my black and white world. She's my daily dose of sunshine. People like Cayla are hard to find; trust me, I've looked. We just... get each other. She gets me and I get her. I easily consider her to be one of my best friends. She'll always be dear to me. Even when I piss her off, and even when we argue about chickens and dinosaurs, she'll always be my waffle, my green apple, my UGH... my partner in AP English crime, the one I run to when guys piss me off... She'll always be my Cay…

UGH! My Final Essay

So... yeah. Our final essay was something else..... I didn't get time to finish. I had so much left to write. So RIP me.

I feel like I almost needed to write a pre-write for my pre-write for my pre-write. Once I got started, I kinda just wrote what came to mind. I was on a roll until the bell rang. I ended in a really awkward spot, btw; it wasn't in the middle of a sentence, but I was about to charm DP (I guess???) with my skillz. The frustration was real.

Here is my essay. I will continue where I left off. I am proofreading as I go, because as I was looking at my essay, I realized I made sooooooo many fucking errors. Oops:

     I could write the intro paragraph of this essay the way most AP English students would, but I'd rather not. I realize that I'll have to do this on the AP exam, but to calm my nerves, I'd rather use charm. Hey! How are you? Like I once said at the beginning of one of my blog posts, buckle your seatbelt because I am about to take you on a rol…

Wow, That Was Quick

Our final exam is tomorrow! Wooooaaaaaahhhh.

I'm very tired right now. I just got back home from my concert and I'm dead, yo. I dread the final because I don't know the format. I'm okay with the content. Like my homie Cayla would say, UGH.

Here are some pictures of cats and memes:

Sooooonnnnnggggg: Dani California by Red Hot Chili Peppers 

"Immigrants in our own Land" Infographic

Greetings children! I am back once agaaaiiiiinnnnn, but this time, instead of writing stuff, I made an infographic. Basically, it's a picture/collage/informative thingy. The website I used for this is called Canva and you can basically create pictures, collages... really anything. All the pictures are super high quality, it's easy to use, and the end result is always stunning. There are premade templates, but you can always start from scratch; I've done both and it's very easy. I've used this before in my AP World History class and I highly recommend it for projects and other things. (You can also make Instagram and Tumblr posts, which is dope.)

Here's what I made:

Sooooonnnnnggggg: American Idiot by Green Day. There is a story to this. For all my APUSH peeps, as you know, we have press conferences tomorrow. I have to dress up like Eugene V. Debs, and my outfit reminds me of the one Billie Joe Armstrong, the lead singer of Green Day, wore in the American Idiot …

Something Interesting (Well... More Like Interesting Things)


Anyway... hi :p I was staring at the classroom today, and I suddenly got lost in thought. I started thinking about completely rebuilding the classroom and make it more.... weird. Not in a bad way though; hear me out. I thought about doing a 3D wall design. I really have no clue why I started thinking about this, but yeah :)

December is going to be a great month for rap music. Many rap artists are releasing albums, such as Drake and J. Cole. Yesterday was the one-year anniversary of one of my favorite rap albums When It's Dark Out by G-Eazy, which is cool :p

This post is super random and I didn't really plan this out. I'm just rambling at this point :p

I've always wanted to sit in one of DP's American lit classes; I wonder if those classes are more talkative than ours. I wonder about the different people in those classes; I wonder what their interests are (and no, I&…

Comparing Poems: "Immigrants in our own Land" and a Poem from The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Today, I'm in a bit of a pensive mood, so I will compare Jimmy Santiago Baca's poem "Immigrants in our own Land" to the following suicide note/poem from The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky:

Once on a yellow piece of paper with green lines he wrote a poem and he called it "chops" because that was the name of his dog and that's what it was all about his teacher gave him an A and a gold star and his mother hung it on the kitchen door and read it to his aunts. that was the year Father Tracy took all the kids to the zoo and he let them sing on the bus and his little sister was born with tiny nails and no hair and his mother and father kissed a lot and the girl around the corner sent him a Valentine signed with a row of X's and he had to ask his father what the X's meant and his father always tucked him in bed at night and was always there to do it
once on a piece of white paper with blue lines he wrote a poem he called it "Autumn" because that was t…

"Immigrants in our own Land": An Analysis

What's up, dudes!? Buckle your seatbelts because I am going to take you on a poetic journey fueled by coffee, candy, and the fear of a test tomorrow.

Before I walked into class on Tuesday, I had no clue who Jimmy Santiago Baca was, let alone any of his poems. Poetry and I don't get along and I actually dislike it with a burning passion. "Immigrants in our own Land", however, is REAL. It's one of the few poems that I actually like. It's not all... ya know... flowers and sunshine and all that bullshit. It describes life exactly as it is and Jimmy Santiago Baca does not try to make the overall message of the story sound 'nice'; he tells it as it is, from the eyes of an immigrant.
The first stanza talks about immigrants actually coming into America. Baca talks about how many immigrants didn't get to finish high school, but are able to use common sense (which to me, is just as valuable). They are expected to fit in with society. All immigrants have one…