"Immigrants in our own Land" Infographic

Greetings children! I am back once agaaaiiiiinnnnn, but this time, instead of writing stuff, I made an infographic. Basically, it's a picture/collage/informative thingy. The website I used for this is called Canva and you can basically create pictures, collages... really anything. All the pictures are super high quality, it's easy to use, and the end result is always stunning. There are premade templates, but you can always start from scratch; I've done both and it's very easy. I've used this before in my AP World History class and I highly recommend it for projects and other things. (You can also make Instagram and Tumblr posts, which is dope.)

Here's what I made:

Sooooonnnnnggggg: American Idiot by Green Day. There is a story to this. For all my APUSH peeps, as you know, we have press conferences tomorrow. I have to dress up like Eugene V. Debs, and my outfit reminds me of the one Billie Joe Armstrong, the lead singer of Green Day, wore in the American Idiot music video :))))))


  1. Nice way of putting it "Life's a bitch, dude" lol, way to keep your voice in there


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