A Blogging, Political, Musical Stew: My Remix

Honestly, I've been procrastinating. But there's a beauty in that, because diamonds are made under pressure. So here is my diamond.

I was looking back at my old posts, and I mean OLD. Ya know, those posts with dust and cobwebs on them. Yeah, those.

One caught my eye actually; my Donald Trump satire. I got to thinking for a while, because I knew I couldn't walk into class tomorrow with nothing to present. Here's my thought process:

Everything I do is a puzzle to me, including my satire. I began looking back at my old projects (the prior knowledge part of creating, I guess) and I got an idea. I said if I could find a way to switch a few puzzle pieces here and there (the combining and transforming part of creating), I'd be able to create something cool and effective. So I told myself I'd make an even better post about Trump. Something that beats my satire.

So I made a recipe. A recipe for a stew.

You may be thinking, "Lesley, what the actual fuck." But truuuusssstttt meeeeee. Just... shhhh.... and watch.

Here's the recipe! Enjoy!


I admit; I was going to make this the background song of the Prezi :)))))))))))) I made a "recipe" Prezi in APWH last year, and I did something similar as well in AP Spanish, so this was nothing too new for me :)


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