Everything (and Dirty Diana) is a Remix

I'm praying my tablet doesn't die on me right now as I type this and watch the Kirby Ferguson video "Everything Is A Remix" :) I love the name Kirby btw :p

First of all, what is a remix? A remix is taking existing materials and combining or editing them to create something new. We see this commonly in music; we call this sampling. A modern day example of sampling is the little saxophone thing in the song Low Rider by War, which is used in the song GDFR by Flo Rida. See? I know stuff cx

Back in the good old days, creativity suggested that you possessed a sort of... talent that other people didn't have. Many people back in the day created things based off of what was around them, and back then, what was created didn't seem so foreign. Now, when we look back at stuff like art, it seems so cool and great and original because it's not like what we have now.

The process of creating consists of a whole lot of things. You need domain knowledge. And you acquire that by copying. A modern day example of this is when people make covers of songs. One of my favorite songs/covers of all time is The Weeknd's cover of Michael Jackson's hit Dirty Diana. If you listen to The Weeknd's version of the song, he sings similar to how Michael sang the original and he didn't change the lyrics at all. He still found a way to make it his own though. That's the next element; transformation. The original version of Dirty Diana has a very rock vibe to it, but The Weeknd transformed the instrumental and he made it a lot darker. The third element is combination: combining things that seem almost completely unrelated. Going back to the original Dirty Diana, The Weeknd stated that Michael Jackson combined so many genres with this song: rock, experimental, R&B, and hip-hop. That's what made it so unique to him. When covering this song, I feel like The Weeknd combined his usual dark sound with Michael's melting pot of genres and vibes and made something dope AF.

When Kirby Ferguson says everything is a remix, it's honestly true. Stars Wars, for example, wasn't some original idea. It was a mixture of many things, and it's super obvious at some points in the movie. It was a remix of a bunch of things, but it's still considered something great and original. People think that many things are original, when in reality, a lot of things are variations of stuff from the past.

(I'm at the point in the video where people are asking Sir Kirby questions)

And that concluded the video :)

I think that Everything Is A Remix is really cool, and I had no idea how much of what we consider to be original is just a variation of one thing or a bunch of things. It's weird to think about actually, and I can't wait to talk about this in class tomorrow :)



The little sooooonnnnnggggg thing I do at the end of every post is a variation of the daily tunes DP includes before writing the journal topic. Fun fact, in case you didn't notice :)


Dirty Diana (or, as it's most commonly known, D.D.) by The Weeknd and Dirty Diana by Michael Jackson. My favorite remix of anything... like... ever <3


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