The Great Gatsby Notes

I'll keep updating this, just so that I'm not posting separate posts talking about the same things :)

January 23 & 24, 2017 (Chapter 1)

  • The journal topic talked about the exposition in the book and to me personally, I got nothing out of the exposition minus the name of a few characters. And the setting, which is an egg.
  • The narrator talks about how the people in his community are so into each other's business but are never really themselves (pg. 6 [for me], "And so it happened that on a warm windy evening...")
  • We learn that Tom Buchanan is physically intimidating, but that he's an ugly person inside. He's cruel, and a bully.
  • Vocabulary:
               supercilious- arrogant

  • Daisy and Miss Baker are always missing something. Daisy is always looking forwards to something and then missing it, while Miss Baker is always bored.
  • "I hope she'll be a fool" Why is this important??????? DP????????????

January 27, 2017 (Chapter 2)
  • Tom drinks a lot and he seems unhappy. He also seems to spoil his mistress a lot more than his actual wife... hmm....
  • There's an obvious difference between Myrtle (the mistress) and Daisy, but they have the same attitudes.

February 1 &2, 2017 (Chapter 3)

  • Okay, so, Nick is at this party with Gatsby, but he ain't there.....
  • There are drunk people in the library :o
  • I have a feeling Jordan and Nick are feeling each other ;) Valentine's Day is around the corner....
  • There is a car crash? Is that significant?????
  • We finally meet Gatsby and he seems super kind and sweet, even though he is richer than a lot of the people at the party. He is polite as fuck, and I think that's why Nick is curious about him; he isn't like the typical rich people of that time, like Tom. 
February 3, 2017 (Chapter 3 Cont.)
  • The more drunk people become, the more fun everyone seems to have. Everyone has a careless sorta attitude.
  • The happiness at the party is going away and now everyone is hella sad.
  • There's a private Gatsby and a public Gatsby.
  • Gatsby's signature phrase is 'old sport' seemingly.
  • The car accident was caused by a drunk guy who crashed into a wall and went into a ditch, and he didn't even take responsibility for it...
  • The other person in the car didn't even realize there was an accident.

  • Gatsby is alone which is why he fills his home with people.
  • OH MY GOD A CONNECTION. Around this time, the stock market crashed because of a lack of regulation from the government (carelessness)... like how the car crashed because of careless drivers. The stock market crashed because of a careless government and the car crashed because of careless drivers.
  • Jordan is dishonest as helllllll. 


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