UGH... I Mean... HELLO 2017!

Boop. How do I start this? I feel like I forgot how to blog. Goodness gracious.

I don't really know how I've grown as a person since January 2016. All I know is that I've gotten stronger, and if I get the courage, I may post something later this semester sharing my experiences with you. The Lesley from 2016 was very.... I don't even know.... different I guess. Different from everyone else, and I don't know if I mean that in a positive way. Right now, I feel even more different, but I'm sorta learning to accept that. I accept that I'm not like everyone else. I know that this year will be a tough one for me, but hopefully I'll learn from all those experiences and continue getting up even when life kicks me down. 

Sooooonnnnnggggg: I Can Only. by JoJo and Alessia Cara


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