Everything is Beautiful

I've been thinking about our classroom design for a long time now. DP's daughter only made me think about it more.

I originally wanted the large wall to be very well painted. Ya know, with artistic techniques and shit. But a tree made me completely change my mind.

DP's daughter drew a tree on the wall. Imperfect.... but perfect. It opened my mind a bit. It made me realize that not everything has to be perfect. That childish touch she added made me realize we are still all kids at heart. Curious. Wanting to know more about the world and how it works.

I don't want the wall to be perfect. I don't want the classroom to be perfect. Fuck the ideas I had in the past. I want the walls to represent US and who we really are. We are all imperfect and we all have the desire to learn. Maybe not in the traditional way that is forced upon us by our education system, and that's okay.

I believe we all have an inner child. Sadly, we are forced to tell that inner child to shut up in order to conform to what society wants. Society wants super smart people that love school! Society wants this and that. But that's not who we are. Instead of making something that's only appealing to the eye, I want the wall to be honest. Yeah, I want the wall to look good, but that's not my priority now. My priority is making sure that the wall represents our learning experience this past year. I want the wall to have a childish touch because over time we lose that part of ourselves. And hopefully, that'll be okay with all of you.

Sooooonnnnnggggg: Dirty Work by Austin Mahone. Working with paint will NOT be an easy task and doing laundry will be a pain in the ass.


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