The Discussion: I Am Canada

So... today's discussion in class got very heated. At least in my group, it did. This post is for those of you who didn't hear my group and I arguing.

The question was: is Gatsby a good person?

I said yes. Cayla was undecided. Rosie, Ale, and Liliy said no. 

This discussion could've easily led to a world war or something because I was going OFF.

Here is my argument: Gatsby is a good person. He is sharing his wealth with those around him by throwing parties. Parties that anyone can go to and enjoy. He cares a lot about Nick and Daisy. It's clear he cares about Nick because he offers him a job-ish typa thing with one of Gatsby's businesses. Now ain't that thoughtful? Gatsby also invites Nick to his house and schtuff, so I think it's clear he's just trying to be his friend. I strongly believe Daisy and Gatsby fell in love with each other and even though Daisy is with someone else, I think Gatsby hasn't stopped caring for her. He's courteous enough to show her his home, and he still tries to talk to her. 

Why do people think he's a bad guy? I want to be enlightened in the comments. 

Oh, and as for the title of the post; my group members gave me the wonderful nickname of Canada, while they are the United States. Why? Because I rarely agree with them, therefore I am a completely different country. Cool beans. 

Sooooonnnnnggggg: O Canada, the Canadian national anthem


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