The Great Gatsby Test (UGH!)

The Great Gatsby Chapter 1 Quiz

1. In what city/state does the story take place?
            a.  Long Island, New York                                          c. Boston, Massachusetts  
            b.  Chicago, Massachusetts                                        d. Los Angeles, California

2. Who is the narrator?
            a. Jay Gatsby                                                              c. Daisy Buchanan
            b. Tom Buchanan                                                        d. Nick Carraway

3. The two areas in which the characters live are
            a. East Beach & West Beach                                       c. East Egg & West Egg
            b. East Sound & West Sound                                      d. East Island & West Island

4. The following set of adjectives BEST describes Tom Buchanan’s personality
            a. Assertive, compassionate, caring,                           c. Docile, calm, timid, subborn
            b. Aggressive, condescending, arrogant                       d. Destructive, belligerent, hateful, intolerant

5. What is the main difference between the houses in East Egg and West Egg?
            a. In East Egg, the houses look like brand new hotels, and in West Egg, the houses are older and more
                colonial looking.
            b. In East Egg, the houses are older and more colonial looking, and in West Egg, the houses look like
                brand new hotels.
            c. In East Egg, the houses look like rich mansions, but in West Egg, the houses look more poorly built and “run down.”
            d. In East Egg, the houses look more poorly built and “run down,” but in West Egg, the houses look like
                rich mansions.

6. What does Daisy want her daughter to grow up to be?
            a. a “beautiful little fool”                                                        c. a “modern woman of the times”
            b. an “intelligent, capable woman”                                         d. a “gorgeous little jewel”

7. Who reacts strangely/curiously when Jordan Baker says to Nick that she knows a man named Gatsby?
            a. Nick himself                                                            c. Daisy Buchanan, Tom’s wife
            b. Tom Buchanan, Daisy’s husband                           d. Pammy, Daisy and Tom’s daughter

8. What color is repeatedly used to describe Daisy and her friend Jordan?
            a. Yellow                                                                     c. Black
            b. Purple                                                                     d. White

9. Who says the following quote: “Well, these books are all scientific…This fellow has worked out the whole
    thing. It’s up to us who are the dominant race to watch out or these other races will have control of things.”
            a. Nick Carraway                                                        c. Tom Buchanan
            b. Daisy Buchanan                                                      d. Jordan Baker

10. Who telephones Tom at the dinner at his house?
            a. His wife, Daisy                                                       c. The main character, Jay Gatsby
            b. The narrator, Nick                                                  d. Tom’s “other woman on the side”

11. Who reaches out his/her arms across the water at the end of the chapter?
            a. Daisy Buchanan                                                      c. Jordan Baker
            b. Jay Gatsby                                                             d. Tom Buchanan

12. As Nick looks to see what this character is reaching for, what does he see at the end of a dock?
            a. a woman reaching back in a green dress      c. a green boat tied to the dock
            b. a green light on the dock                             d. an eerie, green light lighting the water under the dock


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