And the Cookie Crumbled...

She was a flame in a world so cold
Not wanting to know "what", but "how" and "why"
A sailor traveling the world, with no direction in mind
Only searching for something beyond the reach of her short arms
And the cookie crumbled...

Beat down by the world she once admired, she beat on
Still searching, however the sailor now questioned her place in the vast sea
Her arms grew, but she slowly woke up from a dream
And suddenly, her only desire seemed to be even more unattainable
And the cookie crumbled...

She didn't have much more 
Than a small boat that would take her wherever she wanted
She was used to serene waves, but wasn't prepared for violent currents
That would destroy the only thing she had
A sailor lost at sea, she asked
"Why is the world so cold?"
And the cookie crumbled...

Time dragged on, time dragged on
Her resilient heart had led her thus far
But reality shut it up
She was a sailor, unprepared
Wanting, searching for something beyond her reach
In a world so cold, she lost the one thing she had
So she stopped searching, and was swept along the tide
And that's how the cookie crumbled.


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