Can We Watch the Movie?

Ya know, I have a love-hate relationship with movies based on books. Movies based on books have pros and cons... here are a few:

1. It gives the reader a better understanding of the book, especially the plot even if there are a few slight differences between the book and the movie.
2. If the book is written from a first-person perspective, watching the movie will allow you to experience the story from a third-person perspective, which is dope.
3. The movie takes the most important parts of the book and REMIXES them into something else. Most books take at least a week to read, but a movie lasts about two hours.
4. It's easier to see the setting and personalities of characters. It's hard to keep track of a whole story in your head, but actually seeing it on a screen helps.
5. For a lot of us, reading is challenging *RAISES HAND FRANTICALLY*, so watching the movie is more convenient.

1. With reading, everyone has a different perspective on the story and certain aspects of the book. By watching the movie, we have to accept the director's perspective on the story. A famous example of this is the Harry Potter series; the book never specified that Hermoine was light skinned, but the movies made her light skinned. Now, when we think of Hermione, we think of Emma Watson.
2. A lot of the time, the movies aren't completely true to the story, which is disappointing to some readers. Some events in the plot may be slightly different, some characters may act different, etc.
3. The book gives more details about what the narrator/characters are feeling and thinking. With reading the book, we are allowed to get in characters' minds. By watching the movie, we just can't understand why the characters do what they do at times because we can't get into their minds the same way we can with the book.

Do y'all have more pros or cons? Let me knoooowwww; I'm curious.

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