My San Francisco Trip


So, as some of you may know, I went to San Francisco a couple days ago. I was there for two days- Wednesday and Thursday. And I must say, it was pretty fucking lit.

Shameless plug, but I have pictures from the trip on my Instagram. Y'all should check it out.

I'll split the trip up into three paragraphs: the city itself, the colleges I visited (I went on an AVID trip), and my overall experience with my classmates.

Two words: holy shit. San Francisco is a LOT bigger than I thought it'd be. It's also a lot more beautiful. One thing I immediately noticed is that San Fran is just a melting pot of different cultures. It shows in just about every aspect of the city; it shows in the graffiti and murals (which I thought was stunning), the different stores, the food... everything. It's its own world. There's so much to see and do, and I think that going for only two days is not enough to experience everything San Francisco has to offer.
     We did a few things while we were in San Francisco. We stopped at Pier 39, which is so stunning at night. There are so many stores there and so many places to eat... UGH! We took a trolly thingy there and lemme just say... there are some interesting people in San Francisco XD On the way there, I encountered a semi-drunk woman, countless smokers, people that were loud, and people who just wanted to get the fuck off. From Pier 39, Mr. Valencia's class and Ms. Gonzalez's class went to Union Square and DAMN. I love going shopping, and Union Square has everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. Mind you I didn't have time to go everywhere I wanted to go, but I still had fun. For me, visiting Union Square was more about just seeing everything, and not necessarily going shopping. One thing, however, that broke my heart was the number of homeless people I saw on the streets. It seemed like there was a different person on every corner... some were veterans, some were old people, others were simply hungry. That is honestly something that killed me, especially since I had no change to give to every single person I saw. One thing that lifted my spirits up a little bit was seeing a group of dancers outside on the streets and believe me, they were extremely talented. I wish I knew the name of the group, or the person leading the group. It was a group of breakdancers, and the talent they possessed was astonishing.

I wish we went to San Francisco just for shits and giggles, but alas we went there to see universities; we visited UC Davis, UC Berkeley, San Francisco State University, and Stanford.
     UC Davis was an okay school. There was nothing that really struck me or left me in awe. One thing I thought was neat was the performing arts building (I think that's what it was?); Chance The Rapper performed there! I didn't really like the fact that there was a shit ton of nature and trees, but overall, the campus is nice. Our tour guide, Jonah, was really thorough when it came to explaining things and showing us things, which I am grateful for.
     UC Berkeley was probably my favorite of the four. It's a big campus surrounded by the city, which I loved. Our guest speaker, Ruben, was very inspirational; something about him resonated with all of us listening to him. He had a tough life growing up, yet still managed to go to Berkeley. Our tour was very... unfiltered, as my best friend described it. Our tour guides told everything as it is, and it was a pretty informal tour, which I liked; we were able to see what the students actually thought of the school. We didn't get the opportunity to see everything, but from what I saw, it was pretty cool.
     San Francisco State University was my second favorite school. It gave me a pretty... modern vibe, if that makes any sense. It's not too far from downtown San Fran, which I love. Kehlani and G-Eazy performed at that school! The campus seemed very very small, which I didn't really like. The students were on spring break, so we didn't really get to see how school usually is since the school was basically empty. Our tour guide was a student who said "but other than that" over 50 times (not even joking. I was counting).
     And last (and definitely least), we have Stanford. I don't see myself at Stanford at ALL. I don't like how big the campus is, or the environment at all. If I were to go there, it'd be because of the church; the church is breathtaking. Our tour guide was probably explaining things thoroughly, but I wouldn't know because I didn't hear him.

The people I was with truly made this trip unforgettable. I was with my best friend Vincent and his dad for a majority of the trip and it was very very fun; his dad is absolutely hilarious. I was with my friends Cayla, Elizah, and Ruby in the hotel room and I'm so so grateful I got the chance to bond with them; I feel like we are all so much closer than we were before, and it felt so refreshing to be with people who actually understand you and deal with you and your weirdness. Staying up after midnight has never been more fun. Every person that went on the trip contributed something, and I'm so grateful I got the chance to experience something new with everyone that went; hopefully, the next trip will be just as good, if not better!

Sooooonnnnnggggg: That's What I Like by Bruno Mars. This song is great, just saying.


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