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We Eat AP Essays for Breakfast

CAUTION: The following essay was written by a tired 16-year-old who is sick as hell, yet hyper because she drank caffeine. Read at your own risk.

I stayed true to the times on the blog post. I took 5 minutes to pre-write my essay (Grade A trash, as I like to call it), and spent 25 minutes writing the essay. I didn't stop the time when I needed to look up words or whatever. The only time I stopped the time was to change the songs that were playing on Spotify while I was writing :)

NOW TIME TO PROOFREAD DIS. I have more homework to do, and I don't want to spend a total of 20 minutes typing the essay and proofreading it. I'll set the timer for 10 minutes, I'll type hella fast, and I'll use whatever time I have left to proofread. Okay? Okay. (<- Did y'all catch that The Fault in Our Stars reference there? Hehehe ;) )

     In the essay "We Eat Social Media for Breakfast" by DP, many literary devices are used to get the main message across. Th…

Ignite Talk Schtuff

My big question relates to music. My question is this; what does it mean to make music? What is music?

Does thinking count for the second bullet point? I thought about how I wanted to present my big idea to the class in a way that would be fun and a challenge for me. I thought about how to answer my question, and what I'd need to answer my big question.

I learned that this shit will not be easy. I have ideas and stuff, and a challenge will be getting all my ideas and combining them into one project.

I can make a connection between music and self-reliance. Every artist is self-reliant is their own way.

I'm going to gather and talk to my sources.

Writing for the Newspaper? That and Other Fun Schtuff

I'm moving up in the world!


I have to write an article for the newspaper (The Breeze and the SM Times) about a recent event I went to and participated in, so this should be fun. My gears are turning, and I'll write the article when I get home.


I have some ideas for my big question, which I will share on Friday during the Ignite Talk. I'll post the corresponding post sometime today :)


I got followed on Instagram by someone from a mariachi I admire very much. Let's just say I cried in the morning when I saw the notification.

Sooooonnnnnggggg: Lust for Life by Lana Del Rey and (my husband) The Weeknd

AP Essay (UGH!) #1

For centuries, prominent thinkers have pondered the relationship between ownership and the development of self (identity), ultimately asking the question, “What does it mean to own something?” Plato argues that owning objects is detrimental to a person’s character. Aristotle claims that ownership of tangible goods helps to develop moral character. Twentieth-century philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre proposes that ownership extends beyond objects to include intangible things as well. In Sartre’s view, becoming proficient in some skill and knowing something thoroughly means that we “own” it. Think about the differing views of ownership. Then write an essay in which you explain your position on the relationship between ownership and sense of self. Use appropriate evidence from your reading, experience, or observations to support your argument.

     Ownership and sense of self have an interesting relationship, to say the least. There are two ways one could look at these tw…

F451 Essay: UGH!

I picked the second prompt for this essay, btw.

If there's one thing I won't forget from this book, it's the paragraph in which Bradbury described the sound of the bomber jets flying over Montag's house and how quiet it made Montag's whisper seem. Throughout the book, Bradbury effectively uses syntax and figures of speech to show the differences between Montag's inner world and the world around him. We see the differences between the chaos that occurs in the outside world and Montag's calmer inner world.
     The best example from the book that shows the differences between Montag's inner world and outer work through syntax is the paragraph where Montag finds Mildred overdosed. At this point of the book, everyone was preparing to go into war; we know this because we get introduced to bomber jets in the beginning of the book. In this paragraph, Bradbury brilliantly uses juxtaposition; he describes the chaos of the outer world first and ends the paragraph…

Burning the 10PM Oil

You know what would be cool?

A book written in both first person and third person. Every other chapter could switch. The first person chapters could be written as journal entries, while the third person chapters could be... ya know... someone narrating the story. I'm so down to write something like this.

You know what's weird? When a violinist in a mariachi sings, he/she stops playing violin.... why? Can't you sing and play at the same time?

Sometimes, I read the journal topics and wonder how DP would respond to them. Am I the only one?

So many questions.... I need coffee.

Fahrenheit 451 Question Extravaganza

The title of this post is making me laugh.

ANYWAY, I'm going to (attempt to) answer more F451 comprehension questions. Let's see how well I perform.

Pages 133-147
1. What is the significance of the glass of milk, the apple, and the pear?
     In my opinion, I think that they Montag a sense of... home, if that makes any sense. He's so used to living in such a cold house that when he sees the food, it's almost comforting.
2. Montag thought he saw the Mechanical Hound and reached his breaking point. What did he see?
     Umm... a little help here?
3. After Montag's musing about the Sun and fire, why is it ironic that he sees a fire?  How is this fire different?
     It's ironic he see's a fire because fires are supposed to burn books, but the people around the fire... ARE books.

     The fire, like the food, is comforting. 
4. Who is Granger? Who are his associates? (Spend a few sentences explaining this.)
     Granger is an author. His associates, in my eyes,…