Fahrenheit 451 Question Extravaganza

The title of this post is making me laugh.

ANYWAY, I'm going to (attempt to) answer more F451 comprehension questions. Let's see how well I perform.

Pages 133-147
1. What is the significance of the glass of milk, the apple, and the pear?
     In my opinion, I think that they Montag a sense of... home, if that makes any sense. He's so used to living in such a cold house that when he sees the food, it's almost comforting.
2. Montag thought he saw the Mechanical Hound and reached his breaking point. What did he see?
     Umm... a little help here?
3. After Montag's musing about the Sun and fire, why is it ironic that he sees a fire?  How is this fire different?
     It's ironic he see's a fire because fires are supposed to burn books, but the people around the fire... ARE books.

     The fire, like the food, is comforting. 

4. Who is Granger? Who are his associates? (Spend a few sentences explaining this.)
     Granger is an author. His associates, in my eyes, are a bunch of hippies who love reading. They escaped their society in order to, I guess, avoid persecution for wanting to read and learn. They all enjoy reading and have books and stories memorized. They hope to pass on their knowledge to other people once the war is over.
5. What happens on the "show" portraying the chase after Montag?
     They capture and arrest some random dude that isn't Montag because the people making the show know they lost Montag and won't be able to keep the audience entertained unless they find him.
6. What does Granger mean when he says, "We made the right kind of mistakes."

Here are more questions. I know they're out of order, but I'm too lazy to fix that. Oops.

Pages 114-122
1. Why did the Hound attack Montag?
     The Hound recognizes Montag as a threat and as a bad person, so it attacks.
2. How did Montag defend himself?
     Montag burned the FUCK out of the dog with a flamethrower.
3. What did Montag realize about Beatty?
     Beatty wanted to die; he didn't fight back,
4. Where did Montag go?
     Lord knows where. He ended up in an alley and just started wandering, seemingly.
5. What happened when Montag crossed the street?

Pages 123-132
1. What did Montag do at the Blacks' house?
     He hid the books he managed to carry with him after leaving his house.
2. How does Faber describe the war?
     Faber explains that war has been officially declared.
3. Describe Faber's TV.
     Ummmm.... helpppp?????
4. What was on TV while Montag was on the run?
     The hunt for Montag was on TV while he was on the run.

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