One of My Passions: Astronomy

     Something not many people know about me is that I am a person of many passions. Most people know me because of my passion for music, but many people don't know that things like cosmetology, psychology, astronomy, mathematics, physics, and medicine are also things that really interest me and absolutely fascinate me. Right now, I wanna talk about me and my love for astronomy.
     Growing up, I’d look up at the stars and wonder “What is beyond the stars? Is there more than what meets the eye?” I’d doodle what I saw in the night sky on sheets of paper, and then I’d show those doodles to those around me; I explained my findings to my family, which included how many stars I saw that night and what the moon looked like. During the day, I’d look up at the glow-in-the-dark stars that my dad put on the ceiling for me, and though the stars didn’t glow in the day, I knew they’d glow at night. My curious side would come out at night, when I’d look up at the stars and ask myself a plethora of questions about the world beyond our own. Is our universe like a snow globe? What’s beyond our solar system? What do aliens think of our planet? These thoughts would flood my mind while I was at school, trying to compute simple arithmetic and learn basic vocabulary. As I waited in line for lunch, the sun would tease me, inviting me to look up at the sky and observe. The sky never looked the same to me; every day, there was something different about it, and that made it very fascinating to me. There were days when the clouds would merely hug the sun, and days when the clouds would consume the sky, covering everything I wanted to see. I’d swing on the swings, and though I was told not to do this, I’d look up at the sun… and just wonder. Wonder about the planets far beyond what we can see. At night, I’d gaze up at the moon and admire the shapes I saw on its face. It’s a quite beautiful sight; the images and shadows on the moon change every night. Sometimes, I’d count the stars and make constellations. I looked for the typical Dippers, and played Connect the Dots with just about everything in the night sky. Some stars shined brighter than others, and sometimes the stars wouldn’t shine at all. I’d ask myself why. As I got even older, I’d look up at the same sky and ask myself if my grandpa was looking up at the same stars from his spot in Heaven. When I visited Mexico, I saw the sky from a whole other perspective; the sky from my humble home in Michoacán was stunning. In America, you can see a few stars here and there, but in Mexico, the sky is a sea of diamonds. All of this only made me even more curious. During my free time, I’d research more about the sky I admired; I watched videos on the planets, read articles on solar systems, watched documentaries on the start of our universe… all with the intention of answering the question I had since I was a little girl; what is beyond the stars?
     This curiosity turned into a passion for astronomy and cosmology. I want to walk on the moon, and observe the world the way I’d observe the moon from my messy room at a young age. I want to explore what happened during the Big Bang, and learn how it was even possible. I want to find out if the universe has an end, and I want to contribute findings to help others understand the vast ocean that is our universe a little bit more.


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