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Ignite Talks!

This period, we're doing ignite talks! As a TA, I won't be doing one today, but I'll be taking notes on what's going on. But in my mind, I don't like to think of myself as just a TA; I'm still a student, learning from DP and from my peers. And I'm quiet, but I'm observant; over the course of the year, it's been a pleasure seeing you (DP's second period class) work and learn. Things only get more fun from here :)

My notes:

- What comes next after high school?
- Talked to different adults to see what they did after high school
- Learned that even though people took different routes, they all became successful
- Connects to F451, because in the book people predict the future and what'll happen next

Adriana and Kassandra:

- Topic of bullying
- Why is there bullying?
- Doing it together because bullying is a topic that people should be aware of


- Why is social media good, and why do people think it's bad?
- It's good for p…

The Beauty of Math!

I love math!

... huh?

No seriously, I love math.

There's something beautiful about numbers. Being able to manipulate numbers is like speaking another language.
Calculus has been one of my favorite classes this year. Unlike other math classes, the concepts taught in this class are not intuitive. It may not make sense at first. For some students, it may not make sense at all. But when it does make sense, it's fucking cool!
And you know what's even better?
Adding to those concepts.
Once a small seed of a concept is planted, it quickly grows and branches out into other topics. To be honest, when I think about what I learned in calculus, I can only really think of a few things: derivatives and antiderivatives and limits. But with those three things, I can do so much. Those seeds, over the course of a year, turned into big ol' trees with a bunch of branches.
When someone tells me they don't like math, it's not surprising.
Math is difficult. Math takes work to underst…

The (Morning) Pedestrian

Why is walking from point A to point B so strange for some people?

Thankfully, I haven't had to walk anywhere for a while. My parents have a car and are more than willing to give me a ride. My friends also drive, so they can give me rides if I need it.

But when my mom got a new job last week, I didn't have a parent that could take me places I needed to go during spring break. Both her and my dad worked in the morning and came home mid afternoon.

I needed to go take a placement test for fall classes during spring break. And instead of asking someone for a ride, I decided to walk to my destination.

I had to walk to Allan Hancock College. I knew the walk would be long, since I live quite far from there. But on Friday morning, I said, "Fuck it!" And I left home that morning to start my journey.

On the way, I saw a LOT of cars. And not a lot of pedestrians like me.

In fact, for a while, I thought I was the only pedestrian. Everyone seemed to be driving.

People in cars wou…

The Parkland Shooting: Why the Students are Also (Kinda) at Fault

"The school shooter never looks like the jock or the cheerleader... the devil speaks to you the most when you feel helpless..." - Cardi B

It's been a bit over a month since the Marjory Stoneman Douglas school shooting. After investigations, marches, rallies, and protests against gun control, things seem to have settled down. The shooter, identified as Nikolas Cruz, is facing prison time (obviously) and everyone paints him as the bad guy. Students all over the country agree that the government has failed them by not passing strict gun regulation laws. They agree that might've prevented the shooting.

But, there's a problem.

Notions of this being a mental health problem have been shut down by anti-gun advocates. But, as more details of this shooting come out, it's clear that maybe guns aren't the sole heart of the problem. Maybe... just maybe... it really is kinda a mental health issue.

Perhaps there is a side to this that isn't being shown...

My opinion…